Bailey Dawne Ollenberger was raised in Cecil Lake, a rural area neighboring Fort St. John. During Bailey’s years as a child, she was given the opportunity to experience the Peace region’s nature and surrounding communities at first hand. Weekends then and now include outdoor adventures. Bailey showed a strong passion to stay connected with nature through the changing seasons each year beside her family. Growing up Bai developed a skill for design, and illustration which has led her to a fondness for interior design today. From an early age, Bailey embraced her academic abilities and motivated herself to graduate a year ahead of her class at NPSS. As she planned to move forward to university, Bailey discovered a calling for her to remain in her hometown to be close to the people who made an impact on her life. Bailey continued to keep the skill of design in her daily life by gaining an education in the floral industry and working at a local flower shop.

Proceeding towards academics Bailey realized that she aspired a career that would impact the people of her hometown, to be able to give back to the community that has been beside her through her life. This aspiration led Bailey towards studying marketing at Thompson Rivers University through correspondence, and she began her studies at home through Sauder Real Estate Division of UBC. Bailey’s education helped her evolve with being able to give back to the people of her community. She strives to help her clients individually in achieving their needs for their investment that they’ll call home. With Bailey’s ability of ever-evolving knowledge of the real estate market paralleled with the time she takes to fully understand every client’s desires, she affords the business of the Energetic City we all call home. Bailey has called Dawson Creek home as well growing up, she has a place in her heart for her close family and the community in the neighboring city. She truly believes that the distance is no divider of surrounding communities and cities in the peace region, this is the place she calls home and views all of the Peace Region as one center. Her values are engaging with people around her each day, and taking care of what’s most important to her client’s lifestyle and families.

Buying a home?

Bailey is ambitious to make new connections with the communities of Fort St. John and be able to give back to the city’s local businesses and charities. She hopes that her resourceful work will encourage others to do the same. She appreciates the privilege of being able to work with other local business minds to find ways to improve and engage with the community each day